Social Structure in the 16th Century - An overview of the main influences on society, and the interrelationship between classes in the 16th Century.
Money, Finance, Scams and Wheezes - The ins and outs of making ends meet. As well as touching on individual finances, this article focuses on how trade made use of money, loans, agents, and how scams were developed to increase profits.
The Pope, the King, his Wife and her Luther - Written as a list of notes: this article begins with a comparison between beliefs for the three main Christian religions. It goes on to list significant 16th century religious events and a selection of passages (from scripture) that were central to developments in culture and law.
The Elizabethan Trayned Bandes - England did not have a standing army, instead it had the trained bands who were the Tudor equivalent to today's Territorial Army. This article outlines military structure, uniforms, weapons and fighting tactics.
Popular Medicine An overview of scientific understanding, astrology and magic, the efficacy of 16th Century medicine and the various medical practitioners and who could afford them.
Issues with Inventories - Inventories are a valuable information source - being arguably the best source of information on commonly owned objects. However, they should always be interpreted with caution, and this article discusses some of the pitfalls.
A Counter Blast to Machine Sewing - Comments by a 16C Tailor - Treatise on the advantage of striving for accurate materials and the application of period tailoring techniques when producing re-enactment clothing. It also advocates a deeper understanding of the variety of clothing sales that existed in Tudor times.
Re-Enactment - Is it still a Hobby ? - A discussion centring around the decisions open to us when delivering a public presentation. It reflects the deeply felt beliefs and passion of its author for this hobby
The Married Persons Guide To Sex - A brief comment on attitudes towards sex and reproduction.
What Did You Do When You Were Young? - An observation on the working lives of children and young adults.
The Practice of Witchcraft - Covering attitudes to witchcraft, magic, familiars and spirits - this article dispels some of the myths surrounding the 16th and 17th century but doesn't fight shy of commenting on how witchcraft got some people into deep water.