Information for Sponsors

We are happy to tailor events to the needs of clients, and enjoy the variety and challenge of doing something new.

The range of events that we have presented in the past is wide and includes:

Tudor Food and Dining. Where kitchens are brought back to life with roasting, boiling, baking and frying in the ovens and fire places to supply the table with sufficient cooked dishes, bread, pies, tarts, cakes and biscuits. In the still room, gentlewomen prepare the sweetmeats, whilst in the pantry, the linens and pewter are prepared for dinner.

In the Hall, our members use the elaborate etiquette of the day to dress the cup-board, the carver prepares his table, the cloths are laid and the liveried waiting staff assemble. Following strict order and ceremony, the food is served in the early afternoon and the gentry finally emerge to eat.

Life on a small Welsh farm. We furnished this Tudor longhouse and lived in it for a week, following the period daily routine of rising, washing, cooking and cleaning. We engage in some of the winter maintenance jobs that would have been essential on such a farm, such as fence mending.

An Elizabethan painter and stainer's workshop. An event which highlights both a fascinating craft and a slice of urban life. We grind pigments, make paints, and prepare canvases and panels as well as painting. The workshop gives us an opportunity to talk about how people decorated their homes, the apprenticeship and guild systems, as well as the practical craft skills.

A variety of trades and crafts have also formed the focus for similar presentations including for example: bookbinding, tailoring, leather working, cloth printing, hat making, soap making and blacksmithing.

Christmas festivities. Having decked the house with Tudor Christmas decorations, we performed a number of short fun period entertainments. The day began with electing the Lord of Misrule. Popular ballads and carols where sung - not refined upper class music but bawdy songs from the taverns and kitchens of Britain. Music and dance followed before the performance of a short period farce called a jig. This particular jig was called "Singing Simpkin". The plot involved an unfaithful wife, several lovers, a hoodwinked husband and lots of hiding in chests!

Recent sponsors include:

The Museum of Welsh Folk Life - Rural domestic life in 16th century Wales, Community church ale.
The Weald and Downland Musem - A Tudor market place; brewing and baking; charcoal burning
Haddon Hall -" In My Lord and Lady's Chamber", "From Bakehouse to Table" and "Christmas Entertainments","Science and Magic" and "A Tudor Wedding"
The Mary Rose Trust - Cooking demonstrations using the Mary Rose's galley.
The Museum of London - Craft demonstrations promoting the re-opened Medieval Gallery
The Victoria and Albert Museum - Textile and tailoring demonstrations.
The BBC - A Tudor Feast at Christmas.
Chatsworth House -Re-creating a Tudor hunting picnic.

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